Drink Me

Time: April 01, 2016 at 07:00 PM
Length: about 1 hour
Location: Olin-Sang 212

Event Staff


A dark tale of Victorian weirdness. Three eccentric adventurers struggle with each other -- and themselves -- in an ancient cave full of unlabeled magic potions.


Three mysterious travelers, all hailing from Victorian London, run into one another at a place of great power and mystery -- the famed Cave of Elixir. Within the cave there are six potions, which could perhaps grant their deepest desires, and they all seem heedless of any price they might have to pay.

Alexander Clay doesn't age and doesn't die -- he's as beautiful now as he was at twenty-five. This wicked immortal has spent heartless decades seducing and discarding a string of innocent lovers. What could he possibly want with a cave of potions and wishes? He already has eternal life at his fingertips, so what could be worth risking madness and destruction?

Vesper Von Eternity lives a life of danger and adventure on the edges of the empire. She's stared down tigers, tamed snakes, studied with mystics and riddled with rajahs. In more "civilized" climes, the public thrills to reprinted accounts of her exploits. But some tragedies can't be averted with fame or guts or brains, so Vesper is determined to claim the magic she needs before it's too late.

Edgar Eakins might have been celebrated for his genius in a more tolerant age, but his obsessions and eccentricities have left him on the outskirts of London society. This shabby, sunken, despised man is rumored to have wrought hellish wonders in his taboo scientific experiments. His true goals, however, remain unknown...

It is no coincidence that these three have come across one another. Now they must parley, and palaver, and gamble their fortunes, and risk their very lives -- and drink.

Drink Me is a dark, intense story set in an eerie literary version of the Victorian-era British Empire -- the world of Victor Frankenstein and Count Dracula, of Allan Quatermain and Dorian Grey. Three mysterious adventurers must confront one another, pursue their terrifying dreams, and figure out what to do with six unlabeled magic potions. The conclusion of that tale is up to you.

Written by Betsy Isaacson.

This game is a game of Victorian horror. It is dark. Players should be 18+. Content warnings for suicide, stalking, obsession, sexuality (and Victorian ideas about sexuality) and sickness. If you want to play a nice person or need a happy ending, this may not be the game for you.


3 attendees total: 2 male,1 female
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