Kings Carnival

Time: April 02, 2016 at 01:00 PM
Length: about 4 hours
Location: Golding 101, Golding 103, Golding 107, Golding 109, Golding Auditorium

Event Staff


Dates: Friday July 13th - Friday July 20th Location: Murphy, North Carolina Something strange is going on at the Kings Carnival fair, Why are guests arriving hours before it opens? Why does everyone seem so worried? Why do bad things occur in places the fair has recently visited? Why are rides breaking down suddenly? And most of all, Why do the park rules now include 'no pinching'?


Kings Carnival is a small 4-hour larp that takes place at a traveling fair. Players will either be workers at the fair or guests attending for the day. This game will involve paranormal elements.


14 attendees total: 8 male,6 female
0 open slots: 0/6 M, 0/4 F, 0/4 N