Time: April 03, 2016 at 02:00 PM
Length: about 3 hours
Location: Golding 109

Event Staff


Twelve years ago, Zodiac Publishing ceased to exist. It had been so successful, it brought all of its authors on a Caribbean cruise. On the third night of the cruise, a series of murders left all twelve authors dead. There are many theories as to what happened that night. Not a single one of them is right.

Tonight, the spirits of the fallen rise and try to remember what happened to them ... and figure out where they go from here.


Star-crossed is a two-three hour game for twelve players. Players will be taking the roles of murder victims. Their spirits have awakened, somewhat confused about how they died and with fragments of what they used to know of each other.

Memories resurface in the form of small five minute scenes that play out in front of any who want to witness them. Ghosts remember things by reliving them.

Expect a game of revenge, revelations, romance, forgiveness, acceptance and the supernatural. Characters were written as gender neutral and players can decide what gender they want their character to be. That being said, there are romantic relationships in the game. If you are uncomfortable with a same gender romance plot, it might not be possible to avoid in a small game.

Content Warning: Sexual Themes, BDSM Themes, Violent Murder, Offstage Sexual Violence


12 attendees
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