Time: April 03, 2016 at 02:00 PM
Length: about 4 hours
Location: Shiffman 216, Shiffman 217, Shiffman 218

Event Staff



Mayday, mayday. This is S.S. Marie Curie requesting immediate assistance. We have discovered an unknown object in Sector 83.107. We moved closer to investigate; upon approach we discovered...

Ring around the rosy

...hitherto unprecedented. We request immediate assistance from any and all vessels in the area. Our O2 reserves are running at 7.8%; at this rate we only have...

A pocketful of posies this rate we cannot last much longer. For the love of god, someone please help. They’ve...

Ashes, Ashes



ALL FALL DOWN is a short, intense theatre-style LARP written by Laura47 Boylan, Peter Litwack, and Nat Budin. It is a science fiction/mystery game with unexpected twists, difficult choices, and time pressure. This game may contain sudden changes in genre, characters, and/or cabin pressure. Content warnings: alcoholism, graphic depictions of blood and gore, mind control, genocide, backstory of global devastation. This game contains no sexual assault, but does contain other forms of major consent violation. Characters in this game have racial identities which may not necessarily match those of players.


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